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Study finds pesticides in common Canadian foods such as Timbits and Cheerios

A recent study has discovered that a controversial weed-killing pesticide has been found in several popular foods in Canada.

The independent lab that conducted the study out of California discovered that glyphosate, which is an active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, was found to be in several common foods including Cheerios, Tim Hortons Timbits and bagels, Catelli multigrain spaghetti, Kraft Dinner, and hummus.

“It is disconcerting that this harmful pesticide is consistently showing up in food products that most children eat daily. Exposure adds up,” says Muhannad Malas with Environmental Defence. “Growing scientific evidence and international regulatory action show that Canadians should be concerned.”

In a much larger study conducted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, glyphosate was found in over 30% of the tested food. In some cases, the level of chemical was above Health Canada’s “safe” limit.

There is no exact way of knowing if our food products contain the pesticide, however, the study has determined that food containing chickpeas and wheat will have the highest contamination due to these crops often being sprayed with the chemical.

Click here to read the study and view the comprehensive list of all tested products.

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