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Yanny vs Laurel is the new dress debate and it's tearing the internet apart

Is it Yanny or is it Laurel?

That’s the great debate that’s been tearing people apart over the last 24 hours, much like the infamous dress debate from 2015.

The dress debate was visual, however, and this time around it’s an audio debate.

Some hear Yanny, while some hear Laurel and some have even admitted to hearing both.

But much like the dress debate, there is a logical explanation for the discrepancy in what people hear in the short audio clip.

It all has to do with frequency and what your ears are specifically picking up.

Those who hear higher frequencies, which is often a younger demographic, will tend to hear Yanny.

On the other hand, those whose ears pick up lower frequencies, often the older crowd, will tend to hear Laurel.

Either way, it’s always fun when one of these pointless internet debates pops up because you know it’ll be all anyone can talk about for a few days before disappearing into obscurity.

Do you hear Yanny or Laurel? Let us know in the comments below!

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