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PHOTOS: Wisconsin highschool students craft fantastic illusion for senior prank

Students at Cumberland highschool in Wisconsin left a mark on their school in spectacular, senior-prank fashion - they put a car through the wall of the school.

<who>Photo Credit: Facebook, Cumberland School District</who>

Not literally, of course. A group of students crafted the illusion of a car smashed through the school using half of an old Pontiac, a black tarp, duct tape and sprinkled some bricks around the scene for taste.

<who>Photo Credit: Facebook, Cumberland School District</who>

<who>Photo Credit: Facebook, Cumberland School District</who>

The Cumberland Police Department, as well as the Cumberland School District, congratulated the students on their handy work - especially pleased that the prank didn't damage school property.

The weight-reduced Pontiac was reportedly "smashed" right behind the Principal's office. Imagine his surprise when he was alerted that students had hammered a car through his wall.

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